Cancer Immunotherapy Consulting

Our vision is to spread knowledge about Cancer Immunotherapy

Science 2013

Cancer Immunotherapy was declared breakthrough 2013 by the scientific journal Science. We believe in cancer immunotherapy since much longer, namely since 1994.

Since that time we have worked hard to produce preclinical and clinical data proving the power of our immune system and cancer immunotherapy.

Meanwhile we have gathered a rich knowledge on cancer immunotherapy. is an consultancy agency focusing on advice on cancer immunotherapy.

We teach about cancer immunotherpy, gather information for the development of new cancer immunotherapy strategies, advice on global market entry strategies, and provide expert declarations to patent advocates.

By designing clinical trials, using operations management tools, we have improved the efficacy of trial designs and implemented fail-safe mechanisms during trial executions.

In doing so, we protect researchers rights on their inventions, speed up clinical implementation, and finally help so indirectly patients to benefit fast from cancer immunotherapy.

The beauty about cancer immunotherapy is the fact, that not the cancer with all it's variety is the target, but the patient's own immune system. Our immune system can vary its attacks almost indefinitely. Thus, in theory, cancer immunotherapy will work for all patients in the future. Therefore, we want to provide our expertise to everybody, small start-up or globalbacks. Multiplying our efforts together, letting as many as possible patients benefit from cancer immunotherapy in the future.

Our decades of experience in cancer immunotherapy allows us to judge new developments in the context of the development towards the breakthroughs. Therefore we can help in patent discussions, judging the novelty, and describing the knowledge a skilled person would have had at a certain timepoint. We have extensive experience in cancer immunotherapy research, patient management, trial design, and patent counseling. This allows extensive and comprehensive consultancies for pharmaceutical companies and patent lawyers.

We have executed numerous cancer immunotherapy studies and setup several investigator initiated trials. We have experienced regularly, that the high quality implementation of a trial is hampered by the insufficient design of the study protocol. Using operation management tools, we have developed the KISE system (keep is simple and effective) incorporating poka-yoke elements in clinical trial designs. Poka-yoke stands for the japanese term "mistake-proofing". A poka-yoke is any mechanism originally developed in lean manufacturing processes that helps an equipment operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka). By applying such approaches to clinical trials, the quality of implementing trials can be increased without compromising the speed of implementation.

Our vision is to help spreading knowledge about cancer immunotherapy, protect researchers with their inventions, and improve the treatment of patients by speading up the development of further breakthroughs in

cancer immunotherapy.